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Cuerpos Pintados is a multimedia exhibition that brings together the work of artists, photographers and musicians from the world over.

After the success achieved in 1991 following the launching of the book, Cuerpos Pintados: 45 Chilean Artists and the subsequent world tour that ended in 2000, Cuerpos Pintados invited artists from all of Latin America and other parts of the world to paint nude bodies. The resulting art works were photographed by Roberto Edwards. In addition, the Experimental Workshop enhanced its infrastructure, as well as incorporating information and images related to body painting and adornment, and corporal modifications performed by different cultures throughout history.

Between 1991 and 2003, more than 100 creators, working with all types of bodies, took part in exploring the infinite potential for expression that the human body offers. Each project has been designed and produced at the Cuerpos Pintados Experimental Workshop and has been supported by the work of historians, anthropologists and specialists in different art-related areas.

The exhibition, presented in a traveling Tent/Museum, was inaugurated in Santiago, Chile on September 23, 2003 at the Bicentenario Park and remained open until December 21, 2003.

The objective of Cuerpos Pintados is to stimulate a perception of the human body that is free from prejudice, to encourage an appreciation of the body in its infinite diversity.

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