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The Cuerpos Pintados Experimental Workshop is an initiative of Fundación America, a not-for-profit cultural institution, established in Santiago, Chile. Its principal objective is the promotion of Latin American art.

All production costs of the activities of Cuerpos Pintados are financed by the Foundation, including the services and materials required for the preparation of projects, as well as transportation and living expenses of visiting participants. Artists, models and other specialists involved receive no renumeration.

In the case that the exhibition and sale of Experimental Workshop products generate profits, the income will be reinvested by Fundación América in its different socio-cultural programs, especially in IntegrArte, an initiative created in close relationship with Cuerpos Pintados, to stimulate the synergy between the world of art and social integration, which is the program’s principal objective.

To date, IntegrArte has developed and produced workshops in theater, painting, sculpture and dance, among others, aimed at facilitating an encounter between individuals with social and physical differences. The program is being exported to other countries in Latin America where it had the same success as in Chile.

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