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The Experimental Workshop is the heart of Cuerpos Pintados. It is the space where all the programs and activities of a project are conceived, coordinated and produced. It is the center where research is carried out and where artists and visiting specialists can produce their proposals. Each individual invited to participate in the project presents a proposal that is evaluated exclusively in terms of its quality, uniqueness and affinity to the project.

Once a proposal is approved, the participant is assigned a team composed of experts capable of complementing or facilitating the execution of the project. The materials to be employed, the methods to be used, and the time needed, which can range from a day to several weeks, are then defined.

The Experimental Workshop is equipped with the installations and resources needed to produce a project, whether it be in the realm of art, writing, music, scenography, audiovisual presentations or any other field. The facilities available include a photographic studio and laboratory, a television studio, a sound recording studio, a design studio, a sculpture and mold-making workshop, printing and binding facilities, among others. Each area is equipped with the most up-to-date technology available. Teams of technicians, designers, researchers and consultants, together with a Center of Documentation dedicated to the human body, complete the infrastructure at the Experimental Workshop.

Activities are carried out basically in Santiago, Chile; nevertheless, they may take place exceptionally elsewhere and even in different geographical locations simultaneously. When it is deemed convenient, the Experimental Workshop may enter into cultural exchanges or form alliances with other complementary institutions, workshops or cultural centers.


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